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GHS Corp. Operates Family Philosophy

Walker Mowers is a family-owned company , in business since 1980. Currently. the company is still family owned and operated. It only makes sense that Walker’s Mid-Atlantic States distributor GHS Corp. also carries through with that family philosophy. In existence since 1984 and operating out of the small town of Denton. NC. GHS Corp. handles the distribution of Walker Mowers and attachments/accessories to six states up and down the East Coast.GHS Corp. may be a big business in commercial mowers, but there isn’t any-thing big about the way they are run. They are only big on the concept of “family.”

Many other companies use terms like ‘partners,’ “team,’ and ‘lean, mean selling machine,’ begins Standish Hopkins. co-owner of GHS along with his father, Levon Hopkins. ‘Following the Walkers’ lead and our own conscience, we’ve placed far greater importance on ‘family.’” According to the elder Hopkins. In our business, we believe that every member is an important and vital pail to our success.” The basic tenet that the Hopkins and GHS Corp. operate on is it is easier to build relationships anchored in family values than profit margins or stock values. Every dealership that is a part of this network that GHS Corp. serves is viewed as an integral part of this unique family. “If any member/dealer is hurting because of weather. accident. etc.. we are all hurting until those problems are solved,” says Standish, Family comes first, and in situations where a particular model doesn’t sell for a dealer. GHS will facilitate the relocation of that unit to another dealer who can sell it. Therefore, no Walker Mowers dealers are stuck with inventory that will not be sold to their customers. “’Family’ encourages long-term thinking and long-term commitments,” interjects Levon Hopkins. “It increases their security and helps bring fun and joy to the work day, because we celebrate success together as a family.”

The territory that GHS Corp. serves spans six states. including eastern Tennessee, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Delaware. GHS Corp.’s sales staff is well trained in the knowledge of selling the various models of Walker Mowers and related attachments/accessories that are currently available to increase the four-season versatility that the Walker mower is famous for. “We believe Walker Mowers are simply and purely the best long-term investment one can make in this industry,” cites Standish. He explains that currently there are over 500 combinations when matching decks, accessories and tractors in the Walker line.

GHS Corp. stresses versatility of the Walker line, as well as the numerous attachments that permit one to move snow. dethatch for early spring clean up. more dirt, edge sidewalks, cut borders around flower beds, and the list goes on. If a customer is interested in a demonstration of a Walker or one of its many attachments. The GHS sales staff will transport that particular Walker mower plus any attachments to the potential customer’s site and let them try it out on their own turf. Having a fleet of trucks and enclosed trailers, the GHS sales staff is able to haul multiple Walker units plus some attachments to the potential customer for a demo session. And when it comes time to deliver new Walker Mowers and attachments to dealers. GHS Corp. relies on its Peterbilt delivery truck, which can hold up to nine fully assembled Walker Mowers in one trip. A special feature to the truck. a “walking floor.” as Levon calls it. allows a single driver to unload crated or fully assembled Walkers and place them on the ground at the dealer-ship using the hydraulic tailgate lift. Our dealers have no need for a fork-lift.” states Levon. “Our driver can place the material or the mowers (assembled or palletized) on the ground at the dealership without interrupting their day.” Speaking of delivering Walkers to dealers. Levon offers. “Over 98% of all Walker Mowers delivered by GHS personnel are fully assembled, ready to mow.” By delivering fully assembled mowers directly to the dealer, this saves the dealership the time and effort of uncrating the mowers, assembling. pre-sale servicing and any disposal costs associated with wooden crates. These features of doing business with GHS Corp. saves the dealers thousands of dollars in expenses.

‘Just Like Home’

Everyone who works at GHS treats all guests with down-home Southern hospitality. You cannot help but to feel at home when visiting GHS Corp. And this is exactly the type of mentality that they wish to conduct business. They treat everyone like family, no matter if you are a Walker dealer, an end user or friend of the company. It is quite refreshing to do business with the folks at GHS Corp., who do not see you as a business associate but rather, a member of their family.

By Dexter Ewing


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