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Walker Mowers

The Walker Mower was designed to meet a need, not to fill a market. No focus groups or market surveys were conducted. Simply put, Walker Mowers are built to mow landscaped properties efficiently while leaving a gentle footprint and beautifully cut turf behind. This is what we do here at Walker; this is what our people pour their lives into; this is what we are known for in the power equipment industry.

Turf Teq

Our professional-grade equipment is designed to offer unparalleled ease-of-use, exceptional results and fast operation. That’s why we’re consistently recognized as a top equipment choice of landscaping professionals worldwide. Even better, our equipment is designed with multi-use flexibility in mind. Each of our products is available as an attachment that will work with any of our other multi-use products. Easily swap attachments to make the most of your investment no matter what the season. Explore our line of professional grounds care equipment, and please contact us with any questions.

Ground Logic

The Pathfinder is a commercial grade spreading and spraying model for those who need the capability of applying granular fertilizer and liquid herbicides. With its compact size, the Pathfinder performs well on residential to mid-sized commercial properties.

Waste Oil Heaters & Boilers

The best waste oil heater for your garage

Our waste oil heaters and furnaces are known for outperforming, outlasting and out saving all others — month after month, year after year. Which means the right investment today will cost you a lot less down the road.

Infrared Space Heaters

The first Val6 heater was manufactured in 1974. Known for their quality and efficiency, the Val6 heaters quickly established themselves as the #1 industrial portable space heater in Japan for the last 35 years and as the most established infrared space heater in Europe for over 30 years.