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A32 48″ Dozer Blade Attachment

Engineered for performance and simplicity.
Delivering unique versatility to the Walker, the A32 excels at easily removing snow from sidewalks, driveways, and other pedestrian areas.

Developed to provide a durable, simple, and productive attachment for the Walker, the A32 incorporates a manual lifting mechanism not requiring an implement hitch. The A32 features a foot actuated, angle adjust mechanism that allows the operator to quickly set the blade to 5 different angles. The blade employs trip-over protection with adjustable preload to allow operators to focus on productivity, and not what is hiding under the snow. A replaceable UHMW polyethylene wear strip comes standard, and both steel and polyurethane wear strips are options. Mounting the A32 takes minutes so whether its weekend dirt work, or winter long snow removal, the A32 is ready for work.

The following adapter kits are required for utilizing the 48″ Dozer Blade Attachment:

  • MB, MS tractors (4300-16)
  • MS (pre 2014) MC, MT, MD tractors (5628-10)

The following options are available for the A32 Dozer Blade Attachment:

  • Dozer Blade Steel Wear Strip Kit 48″ (6624-21)
  • Dozer Blade Polyurethane Wear Strip Kit 48″ (6625-02)
  • Blade Attachment Power Kit (6622-11)