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A33 Operator Cab

Beautiful integration and professional value
Come in from the cold with the Walker A33 Operator Hard Cab. This functional cab features a well-sealed cabin that provides good protection from the elements when using the Model H tractors and implements.

Built by Cozy Cab, manufacturers of high-quality products since 1962, the cab design and features are well refined. Two doors provide easy access and allow the operator to get in and out from either side of the machine, even when wearing bulky winter clothing. The spacious seating area provides plenty of room to operate the tractor while maintaining good visibility and compact size.

Equipped with tempered glass, both doors and the windshield are sturdy and shatter resistant. Formed acrylic side windows continue behind the operator, allowing over-the-shoulder visibility which increases productivity and safety.

A two speed air circulation fan and the venting front window help minimize internal fogging, and the standard 19″ windshield wiper keeps the front window clean for a clear view of operating area.

The front-facing LED lights help you get work done in the dark winter months, and also help the machine stay visible to pedestrians and other vehicles during operation.

The cab is easy to install and retains the tilt-up body function of the H-series tractors for easy maintenance