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375,000 BTU Waste Oil Boiler

In-floor radiant heat * Car and truck washes * Paint booths * Ice prevention and melt * Heating * Make-up air * Evaporation * Potable hot water * Supplement to HVAC systems

BTU Input

375,000 BTU / 109 kW per hour

Fuel Flow Rate

2.7 gallons/hour (10.2 liters/hour)

Water Output Temp. (max)

230 F /110 C

Operating Pressure

Low pressure, 30 psi



    • 1/4″ Carbon Steel Shell
    • Easily Integrated Domestic Hot Water Coil
    • Flame Retention Head
    • Hour Meter
    • Integrated Air Compressor
    • Non-Condensing
    • Patented Accutemp Preheater
    • Removable Rear Cleanout Panel
    • Small Footprint, fit into more existing structures than any other brand
    • Specialized Spin-On waste oil filter
    • Stackable
    • Steadyflo Metering Fuel Pump
    • Swing Open Boiler Door
    • Wet Floor Based Heat Exchanger


BTU Input 375,000 BTU per hour 110 kW per hour
Fuel Flow Rate 2.7 gallons/hour 10.2 liters/hour
Water Output Temp. (max) 230 F 110 C
Domestic Hot Water Output 6.0 gallons per minute at 100 F temp rise 22 liters  per minute at 37.8 C temp rise
Boiler Capacity  43 gallons 162.75 liters
Inlet Water Temp 140 F  minimum 60 C minimum
Exhaust Flue Diameter 8″ diameter available 20.32cm diameter available
System Dimensions 42″H x 28″W x 60″D 107 cm H x 71 cm W x 152 cm D
Shipping Weight  1042 lbs. 472.64 kg
Operating Pressure Low pressure, 30 psi
Commonly Used Fuels Used crankcase oils, ATF, No. 2 fuel oil, up to 90 weight gear oil and diesel fuel
Electrical Req. 115 VAC 60Hz, 25 amps maximum dedicated circuit
Regulation and Certification EPA-approved

UL-listed system

ASME-certified vessel

Canadian Registration (CRN)

Warranty 10 years on heat exchanger, five years full and five years prorated

Two years on parts *

* One year warranty standard. Second year warranty requires product registration. Other terms and conditions apply.